The Advantages of Providing "Thila Homam" in Rameswaram

The most powerful homam is “Thilahomam”. The pithrus (ancestors) are satisfied when you perform “thila homam” in Rameswaram, and they bestow their blessings not only on you, but also on your children and grandchildren. You will undoubtedly sense the goodness in your life.
At the Rameswaram temple, with a view of DhanushKodi seashore, “Thila homam” pooja is being performed during jyotirlinga darshan.

"Thila Homam": what is it?

“Thila” is Hindi for “sesame seeds.” Homam (havan in North India) performed using sesame seeds is known as “thila homam” (Til Seeds). One of the locations where ‘thilahomam’ is done is Rameswaram.

One of the most famous holy sites in our nation is Rameswaram. Ramanathar, a site where one might achieve jeeva (life) mukthi by removing the sins of millions of souls, was founded by Sri Ramachandra Murthy and brings millions of devotees from all over the world.

Pithru Dosham's causes include:

What negative impacts does pithru dosham have?

Those who are affected by pithru dosham in their birth horoscope, they may face below mentioned problems in their lives.

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